New Edwards Manuscript Acquired by Yale

The Jonathan Edwards Center is happy to announce that Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, which holds the largest collection of Edwards’s manuscripts, has obtained a previously unknown notebook by Edwards. The notebook, “Efficacious Grace, Book IV,” joins three other notebooks by that name in the Beinecke collection. Originally part of Edwards’s series of working notebooks for his treatise on the will, the books were repurposed by him for a projected series on efficacious grace. The notebook contains entries on that topic, along with “determining grace,” “predestination,”  “the nature of virtue,”  “interposition of God,” and others, and cites a wide range of authors.

This new, extraordinary acquisition was made possible through the Rev. Robert Rafford, of Middlebury, Connecticut, who was given the notebook some twenty years ago by a descendant of Edwards. The Edwards Center extends a hearty thanks to Rev. Rafford for making it possible for this document to rejoin the main corpus, where scholars will be able to benefit from it.

Picture 1

“Efficacious Grace, Bk. IV,” pp. 20-21. Photograph by Robert Rafford


Review & Response

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Spring 2013 Update

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We are pleased to inform you that currently seventy-six (76) sermons are in production by 49 editors. More and more we see many of you becoming skilled editors, which is much appreciated. In the coming weeks we continue to review submitted edited sermons, assign new sermon transcripts, and contact those that may need some help to finish their assigned work. Last but not least, it is a true pleasure to work with all of you.  As Edwards once wrote, “I am far from being weary of our correspondence. I ever looked on myself as greatly honored and obliged by you in your beginning this correspondence; and have found it pleasant and profitable…” (WJE Online 16:255).

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December Break at the Jonathan Edwards Center

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A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University is pleased to announce that, in partnership with William Eerdmans Publishing Company, it will be producing A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia. The volume, to be published in print and online, will be comprised of some 450 entries, ranging in length, according to the following categories:

Long: up to 2,000 words

Medium: up to 1,000 words

Short: up to 500 words

Bio: up to 250 words

We cordially invite registered users of the Edwards Center’s website, subscribers to our online journal, Jonathan Edwards Studies, Editors of the Global Accelerated Sermon Editing Project, and other interested and qualified members of the reading public to participate in this community non-profit project.

We ask that contributors have at least a master’s degree in history, theology, philosophy, religious studies, literature, or related fields, or are able to make a case for their qualification to contribute. To volunteer, please make your topic selection of the list of available entries. Please choose carefully. Also, if you don’t see an entry listed, please feel free to propose one (or more). Please make your selected entry known to, and we will change the status of the entry to “Assigned.”

A Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia will be an unprecedented reference source for the growing audience, initiates and long-term, of Edwards around the world. The JEC’s staff greatly anticipates working with contributors and presenting to readers what is sure to be a useful collection.

Entries are due by June 15, 2014.

Submitted edited sermons October and November

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